More Than You Can Chew

We are the creators of our own lives! The Universe expertly provides all the tools we need to manifest our desires. That’s wonderful! However, there are times when we Co-Creative Masters forget there is a Process to all of this manifestation business. Big, audacious desires are awesome things. Sometimes though, our desires are so big we can’t get our heads around them properly enough to fully believe in their reality. We try to bite off more than we can chew.

Take some time today to examine what you are manifesting into your space. Are you creating something so big you can’t clearly see it? Is it so big it leads to a little paralysis in this regard? Ask yourself why you desire what you desire. Take the opportunity to get very clear on that little word, why. Then, ask yourself, “what would one step forward look like?” After that, begin the process of manifesting that one step. Then, another and another. Each step builds the strength of your belief in that big, juicy Well-Manifested Life one bite at a time.

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To Do or to BE?

How often have we heard this?

We’d all love to do something great in our lives. The problem with this premise, and a foundational truth of The Masterful Way is this. You can’t do something great until you are Being something great. That’s what Mastery is all about.

Greatness is an Effect of Being a great Cause. Trying to do something great before Being great puts Cause before Effect, and the Universe is incapable of working that way. There are Universal Laws in place.

The Way of Mastery is aligning our thinking and our feeling to the Cause of Being all that we are here to say. Once alignment is a deep-in-the-core knowing, everything we do, every action we take, is an action of Greatness. Or, an Effect.

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Are you Being GREAT today?

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Trick or Treat?

We pass judgment all day long. Most of the dialogue we carry on with, however, is quite hard to hear because we have been doing it for so long we have learned to tune it out. Walk down the street sometime and check into what we have trained ourselves to tune out of; all of that judgment muckiness going on even for a moment. We constantly compare and contrast ourselves against each other, all of which is judgment. – The Masterful Way, Chapter 13

The problem with judgement is our habitual behaviours associated with it are always based upon partial evidence. This makes our judgements nothing more than opinions steeped in our past, our doubts and our ignorance.

How do we judge? Through our senses. We place faith in the so-called reality our eyes and ears sift from the ether. Then, we attach this partial evidence to our Maps to support them. Yet, we all know how deceptive our senses are. Still we believe them without doubt. It’s a little trick of the ego.

Today, try Treating yourself to the dialogue going on just below the surface. Try tuning into all of that which we have tuned ourselves out of. Remembering, of course, all of the energy it takes to maintain this dialogue is, by Law, drawing more of itself to us in the form of self-judgement. If we can catch hold of even one moment of this dialogue, we can regain Mastery over it and consciously direct our energies toward that which we truly desire for ourselves. So, ask yourself…Do you want more Tricks in your life, or more of the Treats of conscious Mastery? #themasterfulway #belief #judgment #mastery #attraction #universal #trickortreat #love #life

Real Magic

“The real magic is in making the intangible idea, the creative impulse, manifest and live in our reality.” – Mark Ryan, English Actor

This is the time of year when magic happens all around us. Real magic can be had every day when you master the art of manifesting your reality. This is the Masterful Way. Take time today to make your own music, to sing your own special song; to make the magic of your Being live in your reality.

“Your journey of Mastery must be expressed in absolute truth and belief; your I AM. If so done, the Universe, and all of us who are Co-Creating it along with you, will finally be privileged to experience it and it will bring us all joy, happiness and peace, so long as it brings these emotions to you.” – Chapter 1 of The Masterful Way

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Mastery of Effects

The Law of Cause and Effect – For every action, there is a reaction. With every thought, emotion, intention or desire, its vibration creates a Cause, which eventually returns to the source of its emanation in the form of an Effect.  Any Cause will produce an Effect whether or not the Effect is a desirable one. The energy and actions of focus are the Cause. The result, or Effect, is the artifact of the focused energy, whatever that may be.

The Law of Cause and Effect is measurable and predictable. It contains involution and evolution. Involution is the Cause; evolution is the Effect. Involution is the idea generation, or the desire. Evolution is the unfoldment of or the manifestation of said desire. Involution is masculine. Evolution is feminine.

The Masterful Way – Chapter 2

Think about one result you are trying to achieve today.  Are you Being the Cause of that intended result?  Or, are the Causes running just below your conscious radar producing Effects you do not desire?  Master your Causes and you will have Mastery over your Kingdom.