About Daniel & The Masterful Way

The Masterful Way is a journey of intention.

It is through the Mastery of this journey that each and every one of us unfolds an inimitable something to say, something to manifest, something to deliver to the Universe or, more aptly, something for the Universe to deliver through us.  What this something is lies at the very core of who we are. It is what gives the human side of ourselves its divinity.  This is our Being.  By truly living our Being-ness, we manifest that which is what we have to say

Being is our meaning; our purpose; our calling; our passion; our bliss, our truth.  Being is our desire.  It is sometimes called talent, natural inclination, aptitude or gift. It is even sometimes referred to as “luck”.  Whatever it may be called, it is our own, individual expression of the Universe exclusive to each one of us and all of It is hungry to be articulated.  

The Masterful Way is about Being this expression every day. The Journey of Mastery is articulating and manifesting our Being through intentional desire.

Read The Masterful Way – Volume One – The 5-Steps to Being the Well-Manifested Life.

The Masterful Way

The 5-Steps of Being the Well-Manifested Life


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About Daniel

Daniel Wingate has been developing personal mastery programs for more than 25 years. His work in both public and private organisations, large and small, has been focused on Organisational Development and Organisational Leadership, creating and evolving talent management intelligence through personal achievement. In addition to lectures, seminars and group programs, Daniel has coached dozens of individuals in private practice. Today, his main role in this genre is as a speaker, presenter, coach and teacher of The Masterful Way.

He is a student of Nichiren Buddhism and its daily practice. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and a master’s degree in Education, and is pursuing his PhD. Daniel currently lives in the United Kingdom, balancing his time between London and his home in Cheshire. While in the United States, he makes his home in Los Angeles, California.