More Than You Can Chew

We are the creators of our own lives! The Universe expertly provides all the tools we need to manifest our desires. That’s wonderful! However, there are times when we Co-Creative Masters forget there is a Process to all of this manifestation business. Big, audacious desires are awesome things. Sometimes though, our desires are so big we can’t get our heads around them properly enough to fully believe in their reality. We try to bite off more than we can chew.

Take some time today to examine what you are manifesting into your space. Are you creating something so big you can’t clearly see it? Is it so big it leads to a little paralysis in this regard? Ask yourself why you desire what you desire. Take the opportunity to get very clear on that little word, why. Then, ask yourself, “what would one step forward look like?” After that, begin the process of manifesting that one step. Then, another and another. Each step builds the strength of your belief in that big, juicy Well-Manifested Life one bite at a time.

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