Trick or Treat?

We pass judgment all day long. Most of the dialogue we carry on with, however, is quite hard to hear because we have been doing it for so long we have learned to tune it out. Walk down the street sometime and check into what we have trained ourselves to tune out of; all of that judgment muckiness going on even for a moment. We constantly compare and contrast ourselves against each other, all of which is judgment. – The Masterful Way, Chapter 13

The problem with judgement is our habitual behaviours associated with it are always based upon partial evidence. This makes our judgements nothing more than opinions steeped in our past, our doubts and our ignorance.

How do we judge? Through our senses. We place faith in the so-called reality our eyes and ears sift from the ether. Then, we attach this partial evidence to our Maps to support them. Yet, we all know how deceptive our senses are. Still we believe them without doubt. It’s a little trick of the ego.

Today, try Treating yourself to the dialogue going on just below the surface. Try tuning into all of that which we have tuned ourselves out of. Remembering, of course, all of the energy it takes to maintain this dialogue is, by Law, drawing more of itself to us in the form of self-judgement. If we can catch hold of even one moment of this dialogue, we can regain Mastery over it and consciously direct our energies toward that which we truly desire for ourselves. So, ask yourself…Do you want more Tricks in your life, or more of the Treats of conscious Mastery? #themasterfulway #belief #judgment #mastery #attraction #universal #trickortreat #love #life

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