Mastery of Effects

The Law of Cause and Effect – For every action, there is a reaction. With every thought, emotion, intention or desire, its vibration creates a Cause, which eventually returns to the source of its emanation in the form of an Effect.  Any Cause will produce an Effect whether or not the Effect is a desirable one. The energy and actions of focus are the Cause. The result, or Effect, is the artifact of the focused energy, whatever that may be.

The Law of Cause and Effect is measurable and predictable. It contains involution and evolution. Involution is the Cause; evolution is the Effect. Involution is the idea generation, or the desire. Evolution is the unfoldment of or the manifestation of said desire. Involution is masculine. Evolution is feminine.

The Masterful Way – Chapter 2

Think about one result you are trying to achieve today.  Are you Being the Cause of that intended result?  Or, are the Causes running just below your conscious radar producing Effects you do not desire?  Master your Causes and you will have Mastery over your Kingdom. 

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