WE are all One.  Everything in the universe is within you.  Ask all from yourself.  – Rumi


The first of two Primary Laws of the Universe is the Law of Divine Oneness.   The following excerpt begins to draw our attention to the truth of this Law.                   

The Masterful Way is intentional and conscious Co-Creating with the Infinite Oneness the Universe or Energy. As we intentionally manifest our desires, God, or the Universe, is experiencing desire through us, Co-Creatively. The Oneness we share with the Universe is our Being; the creative is what gives us our divinity. As each one of us is a unique expression of the Oneness of Energy in the Process of Being, no two people, no two expressions of the Universe, ever experience the same creative unfolding. All desires are different and all desires manifesting and manifested are the steps we take along the never-ending Way of Mastery.

                                                                        The Masterful Way – Chapter 2

Today, how can you expand your understanding about the Oneness of all things? If you can connect with just one more element, one more person, one more situation in this idea of Oneness, you will have evolved not only yourself, but the entire Universe.                                                                   

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