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Too Small

There are many ideas in your mind which you have outgrown, and which, from force of habit, you still permit to dictate the actions of your life. Cease all this; abandon everything you have outgrown. There are many ignoble customs, social and other, which you still follow, although you know they tend to dwarf and belittle you and keep you acting in a small way. Rise above this.

Wallace Wattles

“All of us have it and pretend we don’t. All of us hold on to it and pretend we aren’t. All of us are reluctant to do anything about it and none of us knows why.

“Face it; it takes work to clear it all out. So we keep it, letting it slip quietly into the background; out of sight but not quite out of mind. We will get to it all someday, we tell ourselves, just… not today… maybe later. Tomorrow, perhaps, we will finally get rid of all of those things that are too small for us; those things we never quite get around to cleaning out properly.

What’s Too Small?

“So what exactly is this plaque; this granular energy-sucking sticky stuff that is too small for us? On a broader scale, and simply put, it’s more junk. Junk like self-judgment and negative self-talk. Junk like little patterns of behaviour that do not suit the image of the self you are Being. Junk like making others wrong just to be right about something. Junk like the egoic road chosen over the spiritual one. Junk like apologising for who you are now; apologising for your true Being.

“It’s guilt. It’s negative energy. It’s anxiety. It’s the people you keep in your life that no longer need to be there. It’s bits of unforgiveness. It’s pieces of anger. It’s taking offence. It’s allowing your power to be taken from you or giving it away. It’s laziness – that’s a big one. It’s procrastination. That one is too. It’s inefficiency. It’s complaining. It’s competition. It’s arrogance. It’s not taking care of yourself. It’s junk food and poor diet. It’s depression. Boredom. Grumpiness. Limitation. Inaction. False action. Condemnation. Disbelieving, dis-allowing, dis-engaging. Wishing. Wallowing. Whining.

“I could go on and on… You get the picture I am sure. A little overwhelming if you think about it and how much support we are giving those things which are too small for us by simply ignoring them, of not noticing them, and the procrastination of not doing anything about them. And, that’s just the junk that may be discerned without much effort. Those things with even a modicum of presence could be sifted out of our ether. I am very certain most of us have as much junk, if not more, below the surface. Unconsciously. And it’s getting in our own way just as clearly, if not more so, than the junk we can see and hear.

“There are several reasons why it is so important to understand and to sift out the stuff that is too small for us as it relates to manifesting who we are Being. The first is we cannot move into fully Being the manifestation of our desires in a polluted environment. That will just keep us stuck. …

“Let’s try an example. Something general. Let’s say the person you are Being is the physical manifestation of a more successful, happier You. What’s too small for that person is complaining about your family to your co-workers and complaining about your co-workers to your family. It is keeping alive some resentment you have against a friend. It is holding on to self-deprecating dialogue that wouldn’t or couldn’t be said about the picture of the person you are Being. It is the competition of being right all the time and not allowing for another person’s perspective. It is the non-empowering and uninspired language you use with yourself and others that puts the skids on developing better relationships.

“I’m not saying that you won’t manifest your Being until all of the things that are too small for you are all cleared out. What I am saying is to get started on it now with Action. Nothing happens without it. It’s all about the action-oriented steps forward on the road of Mastery.

“Each step is an Action or a Cause, the Effect of which will propel you forwards. But you don’t want your next steps to be trod through the mud. You’ll just track muck all over the very house you are trying to clean up. With each step, whom you are Being is being set free. Your atmosphere begins to change. Your biology begins to shift. The load gets lighter. So, what is your junk? What is weighing your down? What are you apologising for? What are you waiting for? What would being rid of it feel like?”

Today, can you identify and rid yourself of one thing, one idea, one image, one word, one something that is too small for you?

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