Evolving, Are We?

“…the only desire of the Universe is to grow and evolve. It is desire through which the Process evolves more Life in whatever form into which It manifests. It is this same Process which desires to be expressed uniquely through each one of us. And, it is this Process which initiates all of our own desires within us. Through our desires made manifest we evolve into who we are all here to Be… As a result, this Process the Universe grows and expands more Life. Simply put, desire is the Process of the Universe seeking to experience and express more Life through us; to evolve. “

                                                                        The Masterful Way, Chapter 1

Each and every day is calling for us to evolve, to grow and to Be more of Life through our Actions, our desires and our successes.  What are you evolving through your Life today?  What is the Universe desiring to evolve through you?  And, the bigger question, are you Being all you can Be to Co-Create that desire? 

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