“All of us live through our Maps. All of us act and react according to our Maps. Maps are the programming in our sub-conscious and, sometimes, unconscious brains that cause us to react a certain way to a certain stimulus. We receive the stimulus, we have a response, and it gets us a familiar result. As long as the result is the result we are trying to achieve, we don’t have to pull out and examine our Map and the result it gets us. It is when we are not getting the result we are trying to achieve that the Map attached to that particular result needs updating. For the purposes of Being, we need to Master our Maps.”

“Here is another truth about Maps. All Maps are an artifact of the past. Maps are comprised of past thinking, past life-lessons, past emotional experiences, past relationships, etc. All of the Maps we are operating from are formed and moulded from past stuff. Therefore, since Maps inform our reality, our reality is consumed by the past.”

From The Masterful Way, out soon!!

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