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Desire creates the need for a Cause. Action produces said Cause. Those Causes will produce Effects by Law. Now, here are two truths about the Cause and Effect that many of us get sort of bent out of shape. The first truth is the desire is not the Cause. Desire is the urge to produce a Cause. Causes come from inspired Actions, such as your ask and declaration of Being. Belief, non-resistance and Being the one with the object of desire are some more of the basic Actions or Causes. This is what is meant by phrases such as “a leap of faith”, or “a step of faith”. Leaping and stepping are Actions. It is also the Action of getting to the OK-mindset of how you are situated within the current context. Each action builds belief; Cause and Effect. As the Causes build up, so do the Effects and the manifestation of desire is achieved. Simply put, you cannot have a desire and sit on your hands waiting for it to appear. This idea lacks Action or Cause and, in that case, it is nothing more than wishing.”

From The Masterful Way – The 5-Steps of Being the Well-Manifested Life, Chapter 3

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