The truth about wanting it all…

We on this journey of self-discovery and self-expression have all stumbled on this one. We see something we desire and, being the powerful manifestors we are, we try to jump ahead and manifest our luscious, sweet and juicy desire before we are ready for it. When you put the cart-before-the-horse, there are consequences. You get a pissed-off horse with a bruised nose and a cart that no longer works the way it’s supposed to. In short, you make a mess you will need to clean up before moving on.  

– The Masterful Way, Chapter 7The Mastery of a Clean House, The 5-Step Process”

“All I ever wanted was everything…” And, everything means different things to different people. Though, are you completely, 100 percent clear on what you desire?  Are you grounded in the Being who is fully ready to receive the desire of that which is the next step of your unique and individualised expression of the Universe? 

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