Being happy, joyful, peaceful, loving, etc. is the goal of anything we desire. If you have read this far, that point has been made abundantly clear. But, it is not in the physical manifestation of the object of our desire where happiness resides. As we discovered earlier on, that would be considered becoming happy and, in my experience, the Universe doesn’t support that cart-before-the-horse idea. I am convinced the Universe simply isn’t able to support it because it doesn’t understand the constructs associated with becoming. This is because becoming is steeped in an artificial construct of time; specifically the future. Becoming is an abstract based upon a misunderstanding of time and space. Happiness isn’t discovered at the end of the journey, as we have discussed, somewhere in the future. You don’t become happy. Happy is the journey, and Being in the journey is happiness. To Be Happy is your true and only function in the Universe. The Masterful Way is a state of Being through which happiness inevitably flows. Choosing whether or not to engage in your true function is simply a choice of whether or not to be happy, peaceful, loving, joyous, etc.

To most of us, time is a linear construct consisting of the past, the present and the future. This comes from our relative experience with this idea. We are born, we live and we die and we have been doing this for millennia. The only reason we have a personal experience within this construct is due to our fear of death, and the regression from that point to this point right now is how we live in so-called time. Even though we don’t know when that end point will be, we stick it in the “future” so we can forget about that inevitability, then run a backward race against it in what we call time.

-The Masterful Way – The 5-Steps of Being the Well-Manifested Life – Chapter 5

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