Have You Cleared Your Fields?

29 July

We can miss a lot of things with our eyes wide shut, which is how many of us plough through our days.    However, it can be  very interesting what even a few moments of Being Present can reveal to us.  And, it’s really fun when what the Universe shows you in those few moments of Presence has a little lesson attached to it. 

On a walk with my dog this morning, we passed a couple of open fields.   Now, I know we’d passed those fields many times before but I never really noticed what was in them.  Usually I am very deep in my thoughts so a lot of what goes on around me is lost.  However, in a moment or two of Being Present I noticed a beautiful field full of ripening wheat.  It looked like it was in some stage of harvest because there were chunks of the field which had been cut down.  Right next to this particular field was another.  This one, however, was covered in nothing more than weeds, grass, sticks, rocks – junk like that.  While these two fields were right next to each other, one was being used for a specific manifestation and the other was not.  I suddenly realised how clearly these two images reflect how many of us manifest our desires.

We all want to manifest our highest Self – our highest Being – and fill the space of our Being with the juiciest bits of life!  We want the full-blown harvest of all of our desires and rightly so.  Much like the field of ripening wheat.  We want this…

The problem is most of us don’t want to do the work of cleaning out the space and preparing the soil in the field of our Being.  We want that gorgeous crop but our field looks like this…

The truth is we can’t harvest our highest Self – our highest Being – if we don’t do the work of cleaning up the space and preparing the soil.  Like the wheat crop, you can’t manifest your desires in a field full of weeds.  So, do the work first.  Figure out what you need to clean up and get busy.

“So, I challenge you to be in a constant state of Being fertile soil… Constantly be on your guard against energies and emotions that are too small for you. Always be looking for ways to grow and evolve. Be ever vigilant against Maps that no longer serve you, and against monsters knocking at your door. Tend to your soil daily. Keep it in top condition. The better the soil, the better the harvest.”

The Masterful Way – Chapter 15

What can you clean up and clear out today, creating fertile soil for something greater to manifest through your Being?  What part of your field needs weeding?  What do you have to say today?


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