Creating the Space

If we wish to change the exhibited subject, we do not manipulate the reflection on the screen, but we alter the slide. And, in like manner, when we come to realise the true nature of the creative process, we learn that the exterior things are to be changed by a change of the interior spiritual attitude.

                                              Thomas Troward 

To be completely and wholeheartedly on the road of Mastery … we must create the space for Mastery without any clutter and without any resistance .  This doesn’t come from simply ignoring the clutter and the mess hoping it will all go away. Nor does it come from dumping it in someone else’s space, which some of us do, by the way.

Furthermore, it doesn’t come from expecting someone else or the Universe to clean it up for us; to fix us, to complete us, or to make us happy. It comes from cleaning up our own mess, ourselves. We need to turn on the lights, get to work, start sweeping and Being happy in the Process.

From “The Masterful Way – The 5-Steps of Being the Well-Manifested Life”


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