The Tools of Manifestation

We are individualised and indivisible expressions of the Process that is God evolving, expressing, experiencing and expanding through us Co-Creatively. Our Being, and what we have to say, is also an individualised, unique expression of this Process. As such, the way we use the tools of manifestation, or the craft of it, must be unique and individualised as well. Affirmations, vision boards, meditation techniques and the like are all tools of manifestation . However, tools are much like the use of a pen. We all use a pen, but we all sign our names differently. Same pen; different application, which forms the unique expression of our signature.

Think about the tools of manifestation you are using. Are they currently serving you well? If not, it may mean you are growing and evolving. The tools you are using probably need updating. It is time to put your own signature on the tools your tools. It’s time to grow from dependence on them to independence with them.

The Masterful WayThe 5-Steps of Being the Well-Manifested Life is out soon. Stay tuned…

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