Taking Responsibility

Taking responsibility is taking back power. It is not taking blame, nor is it accepting fault.  It is merely accepting choice. 

Fault, blame and responsibility are very often confused in our culture.  It is a confusion of time.  Fault and blame are focused on the past and the past does not exist.  Responsibility resides in the Present/Now. It is a choice; a choice of perception and a choice of action.  Think about these statements…

“I am fully responsible for everything that is my life right now”

“I accept full and total responsibility for the circumstances in my life”

“I am responsible for all of my actions and all of my reactions”

“I alone am responsible for all of my thoughts and feelings”

“In examining my life right now, I take compete responsibility for all that it is, for all that it is not, and for all I am manifesting into it whether that appears to me to be “good” or “bad”. 

What can you take responsibility for today?

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