Judgement Free?

Ok, that was misleading. Human beings simply cannot be one hundred percent judgement free about anything, particularly when it concerns other human beings.  Our brains are simply not wired for such a marvelous state of mind.  We can, however, improve the quality of our judgements and become Masters of them. 

We pass judgement all day long.  Most of the dialogue we carry on with, however, is quite hard to hear because we have been doing it for so long we have learned to tune it out.  Walk down the street sometime and tune into what we have trained ourselves to tune out of; all of that judgement muckiness going on even for a moment.

But, think about this…What could you be doing with all the energy being spent in the judgement process if you could put it someplace else? How about on the intentional manifestation of your desires? Getting in touch with that judgement process, and redirecting it intentionally, is another step of Mastery.   Are you ready for that?

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