Everyone is an individualized, unique Being within the Context of the Universe.  And, each Being has a unique, individualized “something to say, to be, to express within that Context.  The clues which point us to this are desire.  However, most of us don’t say what we are here to say, to be, and express.  What we have learned is to Be in our own way – mostly through fear. 

This Being, and what we have to say by Being it, never goes away.  It can’t.  Engaging  with the 12 Universal Laws – which are the Laws which govern all that is Energy – and by removing the junk we have gotten used to being in our way through the use of the 5-step process – we learn to Master intentional living, versus a life by default.  We learn what it is to Be in a space of Co-Creating the Universe with the Process that is, what we call, God.   

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