The Masterful Way Book Coming Soon

Hello all

The Masterful Way – Volume One, The 5 Steps of Being the Well-Manifested Life is coming soon. The publishers are working on it even as we speak! Stay tuned for more information to come.

Never Forget That Which Bestirs You…

Edna O’Brien, DBE is an Irish novelist, memoirist, playwright, poet and short story writer, among many other attributes of her Being-ness, I am sure. Although I had never really heard of her until this morning, upon taking a closer look into the person that is Edna O’Brien, it is more than evident – Edna has found, and is living “what she has to say”. Edna is clear on her Being.

In my morning reading routine, I found a very short story on Edna in a larger work on people who are – for lack of a better word – extraordinary. These people range from Annie Lennox to Andy Murray – from Bear Grylls to Lily Ebert, Auschwitz survivor. I read one short about every day and today, I met Edna.

Edna speaks to the very essence of Being. Being is living the Well-Manifested life. It is living your purpose, you passion…that which is what you have to say. She speaks of it this way…

“For each person who aspires to anything, retain the innocence and conviction of when you started out. Be open to the surprise and wonder and terror of the world, but remain faithful to your fist aspiration. Never forget what bestirs you…”

In working The Masterful Way today – whatever day today is for you – remind yourself several times throughout of what it is that you have to say. What is that unique voice that only you are here to Co-Create with the Universe? Remind yourself several times today of your Being and fall in love all over again with the surprise and wonder of that which bestirs you…

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