“The first rule is to obey your genius.  All men and women have their inheritance, their share of the divine.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

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“Whether one is on the intentional pathway, or the unintentional one, each traveler is seeking the exact same thing, but is going about it in vastly different ways.  The object sought after is the most desired condition of all.  It is happiness; it is peace; it is joy; it is love.  This is the true object of any and all desire.  It is the only Desire of the Universe of which we are an integral part.

“Your journey of Mastery must be expressed in absolute truth and belief.  If so done, the Universe, and all of us who are Co-Creating it along with you, will finally be privileged to experience it and it will bring us all joy, happiness and peace etc., so long as it brings these emotions to you.  This is, after all, why we are here. It’s just the way it works.

“So, turn the page and get going on building your Mastery.  Begin the journey of Being a life of intention.  Do it for yourself and no one else.  Do it through yourself and no one else.  Believe me, we will all benefit.  We are all One energy. 

Now get busy, get out of your own way and Master the Co-Creative Process of Being.  What are you stumbling over?  What is slowing you down? More importantly, what do you truly desire?  Turn on the lights and ask yourself, “What do I have to say?”…

“The Masterful Way – The 5-Steps of Being the Well-Manifested Life


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The Masterful Way is an inspired state of Being. It is connecting to your purpose and living it.

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